Animatix Studios Inc. (ASI), a Cambridge, MA, based company, is producing Hollywood 3D animation. Using a powerful and proprietary collaboration platform dubbed “Heartbeat”, ASI has established a "distributed studio" model that allows a networked team of world-class directors, animators and engineers, to work from locations around the globe to produce Hollywood quality content with significantly reduced development time and at a fraction of the cost of typical productions, such as "Finding Nemo" or "The Incredibles".

Family 3D animation have been box-office hits since the first one, "Toy Story", was released in 1995, and earned $360 Million at the box office. With great stories and excellent animation, these movies have a broad appeal with audiences of all ages world wide. Even though each of these movies has produced nearly 10-fold returns, only a handful of studios in the US make them, including Pixar, Dreamworks and Blue Sky. Traditionally these movies have been very expensive to produce, costing $100 million or more ; the biggest expense being labor – up to 85%. Another problem with the prevalent industry model is that this labor is sourced out of a small talent pool in the US , mostly in California and New York , leaving a vast pool of talent outside these geographic areas virtually untapped.

ASI has adopted a radically different approach. Modeled on collective creativity, ASI is already attracting the best talent from all over the world to work in its “networked” studio. ASI is working on a feature length 3D animated film written and directed by Daniel Robichaud, the Director of P3K:Pinocchio 3000, a 3D animated feature released in Europe last year. Daniel is one of a handful of Hollywood Directors to have ever directed a full-length 3D feature and recently won the Goya (Spanish equivalent of the Oscar) for Pinocchio 3000. ASI has two teams, in Los Angeles and Chennai, India, working on his next movie.

ASI is using 3D animation as a medium to package compelling messages, including commercial advertisements and socially relevant short films. ASI’s short film, The Race, was recently selected as a Finalist in an International Film Festival organized by the Ability Foundation of India.

ASI's business model, vision and seasoned management team is backed by veterans of the multimedia industry, including William J Warner, the founder of Avid Technology and Wildfire Communications.

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