"GANESH - ON VACATION" - Ganesha, the remover of Obstacles, discovers his passion for dance and becomes an instant superstar! Can he handle the fame and the power that comes with it? Great power comes with great responsibilities.

The cookies

"THE COOKIES" - The latest short film in the "Just-A-Minute" series. Watch carefully or you will miss the twist - and don't jump to conclusions!.

"THE RACE" - A short film created in less than two months, from concept to completion. It was screened in several theaters in India as part of an International film festival organized by the Ability Foundation, a cross-disability organization in India.

"FROG LEGS" - Animatix is working on a full-length 3D animated feature, written and directed by Daniel Robichaud. (Daniel won the Goya for his directorial effort in Pinocchio 3000, a full-length 3D feature film, released recently in Europe.)


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